You Are A Great Leader

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a great leader. He found ways to take incredible challenges and press on toward his dream. You too are a great leader but sometimes you struggle to keep your energy up in the pursuit of your passion. The goal is to focus on your dream and let it drive you past the roadblocks, obstacles, and challenges every leader faces. You are the leader because you have a purpose that only you can fulfill, but it still gets tiring along the way. Renaissance Executive Forums can help.

The pressure of being the primary decision maker often leads to isolation and burn out. There is no cookie cutter solution to leading a company. Each company, each leader, each situation is different. However, there are many similar experiences that can help us avoid problems if we learn from other people’s experiences. Our monthly peer to peer advisory group meetings bring together leaders who are facing the same challenges in life so we find ways to avoid problems and capture new opportunities.

Seth Leadership

Our group meetings provide support, insight, wisdom, and accountability from other great leaders right here in Dallas. Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas brings top executives together in a peer advisory group setting that is designed to set them free to be the great leaders they were destined to be. That may sound dreamy but we mean it, and it works!

Our groups are for leaders who never stop learning. We share experiences and resources that help us remove obstacles that get in the way. Most business owners and CEOs know what to do or they would not be where they are today. What they often fail to do is execute due to a lack of time, technology, money, or the right people to get it done. Our monthly peer advisory groups enable members to:

  • Reduce the isolation of being the primary decision maker.
  • Gain new perspectives on growth.
  • Make better-informed decisions.
  • Get support to reach their personal and professional goals.
  • Stimulate change that they know they need to make.

Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas is here to serve the business leaders of DFW. We are passionate about making a real impact on the lives of top executives and their teams to radically improve the lives of our members and their companies, both professionally and personally. (see our Mission Statement).

What are your plans and dreams? I’m interested in hearing about the success you’ve had in leading your company with excellence and what I can do to help you be the best leader you can be. Comment on this article so others can learn from your successes and let’s meet next week to talk about the value of being in a Peer Advisory Group.

by Robert Hunt

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