How to Keep the Office Focused This Christmas Season

Christmas Stress

We love Christmas! But for many, it is a time of panic as they see the year coming to an end, and feel the pressure to “enjoy” the Holidays, and still meet all our year-end goals.

Add the disruptions of co-workers on vacation, kids home from school, relatives in town, Christmas parties, and the piles of sweets that flood the office, all work hard to reduce the focus and productivity of our team, at a time when we need to be on top of our game to finish strong.

So here are things that we at Renaissance Executive Forums suggest you and your team do to stay on target and still enjoy the Holidays.


Don’t Fight it, Plan for it. 

1. Create your to-do list and prioritize tasks.  What must be done before the end of the year, and in what order? Write it down, share it with your team, set deadlines. Start working on these now so you’re not staying late Christmas Eve.

2. December 25 and January 1 are Holidays.  Let’s use the rest of the month like a normal work month. Stay focused and driven to bring our skills to the team like we do all year.  Stay focused now, so we have no regrets as we end the year.  What we do well this month, means less stress come January.  Also, avoid taking care of personal things like online shopping at work. Focus on your goals while at work, so you can have the time and the peace of mind to enjoy the rest.

3. Plan early and communicate your expectations and schedule with the team. Share travel plans, vacation schedules, holiday events (parties, school plays, vendor luncheons, etc), so people can anticipate when you’ll be out.

Office Christmas Party

4. Stay healthy. Eating or drinking too much holiday cheer takes your edge off during the day, decreases your energy level, and makes you frustrated come January when clothes feel too tight.  Keep up with your exercise routine and get good sleep each night, so you can be jolly at the office.

5. It’s okay to say no. You don’t have to accept every meeting or luncheon request. Move some to January when you have more time, and enjoy the ones you can make.

6. Assess your results each day and week to make sure you stay on track.  If you are struggling or having too much distraction, talk with the team and get support.  Don’t wait until the last week when everybody is out on vacation or working hard to get their goals done too.

7. Lastly, take a few days off to shop, visit with family, and enjoy the fun of Christmas and New Years.  When you do take time off, don’t take your work home.  Enjoy time with those you love.  You worked hard all year, and next will be here soon enough. Enjoy!

by Robert Hunt



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