What is Your Purpose?

Life Purpose Walter Mitty .001Have you seen the Secret Life of Walter Mitty with Ben Stiller? It’s was a great movie that made me think about my life and the purpose of our CEO Groups in DFW. 

In the movie, there is a scene where we see the purpose statement of Life Magazine on the wall:

“To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”

Very inspirational don’t you think?

As the leader of your company, you have the opportunity and responsibility to set a clear and compelling vision that others can follow.  This vision comes from knowing the purpose of your business which for most business owners is usually driven by their own Personal Purpose.  Whatever your purpose is, your company has the opportunity to live this out, and they should – it’s YOUR company!

The Value of Having a Purpose

Testimonials-Austin-Street-CenterIf we want people to have a passion that leads them to be engaged, caring, dedicated, productive, and focused, we need something more than a paycheck to motivate them. Think about non-profits like Daniel Roby and the Austin Street Center in Dallas.  People give time, money and their hearts for free to serve and support these charities.  WHY?  Because they believe in the purpose of this ministry.

On the other hand, we often struggle to get the people we pay just to show up on time and do their job.  Imagine what it would be like if your purpose was a lived out through your company?

  • If your employees had the same passion for your company that you do?
  • If working at your company created the same level of passion and excitement as working for Google, Zappos of Chic-fit-A?
  • If your team went above and beyond to care for your customers, your reputation, and your budget?

This is the power a purpose lead team can provide your company.

Do You Have A Purpose?

Do you have a clear and compelling statement that communicates the reason you are driven to give it all you got?  One that others can embrace and join you in the journey?  Your company’s purpose should allow you to live out your personal purpose at work.  Do you even know what your personal purpose is?

Here is my Personal Purpose that drives me to do my best each day:

“To help others remove obstacles that keep them from being their best.”

That’s why I love my work with business leaders here in DFW and why I am always looking for more people I can serve as they work to live out their own purpose. People like Steven Bolos.

Steven Bolos has been a member of our Top Executive Group since 2013 and he is the Founder of United Renovations.  Steven believes that GOD has given him so much and he desires to use it to honor Jesus Christ in the lives of the world around him.  This purpose has led him to invest graciously to start ministries and support others, even to the point of giving office space to a half a dozen ministries and a church in his building in Carrollton, TX.

His purpose is being lived out in front of his team as he encourages them to join him in the journey to change and impact lives for the glory of GOD.  This may not be your purpose but whatever yours is – are you modeling it for your team to follow?

Does Your Team Understand The Purpose?

A company does not have a purpose; the people do.  A company is not a living thing and therefore cannot feel anything. The people can, and they should share these feelings with those around them so it spreads throughout the company.  If your purpose is not clear, it gets confused and changed along the way like some horrible version of the telephone game.

Having a clear understanding of what drives us each day, allows our team to think more creatively, stay focused, and stay engaged when things hit overload.

Talk with your team so they can understand the purpose that lies beneath the rules, strategies, and activities of your company, so they start to share your passion for success.  During your company meetings, share examples of how this purpose is being lived out with excellence so people understand it and stay connected to the dream.

Do Your Customers Experience Your Purpose

Don’t assume your purpose is being seen by others; ask them.  Talk with your customers, ask your suppliers, read what the market is saying about you, and see if they are seeing it the same way you hoped they would.

It’s the difference between what you want your Brand to be and how the market perceives it.  Don’t assume everyone is understanding your purpose the same way you feel you are presenting it – validate it.

Contact me if you want help refining and bringing your purpose to life at your company.  RobertH@REFDallas.com or (469) 269 – 5148.

Robert Hunt

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