How To Get Everything Done.

motivationI get everything done that I want to get done everyday.  The challenge is there are days when I don’t WANT to get some things done. You can never motivate anyone to do anything, you can only provide an environment where people want to do their best. Are you good at this?

A common theme I hear from members of our CEO Peer Advisory Groups here in Dallas is that they struggle to find creative ways to motivate people to do their job. Our members spend a lot of time looking for, hiring, and training employees to do the job right.  Yet they still have people who do not fill out paperwork, follow procedures, take initiative, or just plain do their job. Some employees lack the discipline to do what they know they should do, and it drives us crazy!

Purpose Is The Start Of Discipline

If this is something you see in your team let me suggest that you don’t need to give them another coarse on Time Management or goal setting, you need to help them find their Purpose. I have found that discipline starts with purpose. Each of us needs to know our “Why” or our Purpose to fuel the behavior we want.

Knowing the purpose allows us to create a vision of where you are going or what you want to do.  Having a vision that is clear and compelling enough to see, or dare I say feel the future, builds a passion that fuels your behaviors. With this excitement in your heart, you find it easy to act intentionally and do what needs to be done. This process creates discipline in your life and you will do everything you want to get done.  Everything!

I know this is true because I see it lived out in the ministries I volunteer with. For example, I serve on the planning committee for the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast. I invest dozens of hours a week in planning and promoting this annual event, donate hundreds of dollars a year in support, and do it with a joy in my heart. I give of my time, talent and treasure because I believe in the purpose of this ministry and I’m excited to be a part of it.

Contrast this with some employees who we pay money, give them benefits and vacation days, and in return they show up late, don’t complete assignments on time, complain about the temperature of the office, and cause stress in the office.  Why? Because they do not see a purpose in the work they do.

It Starts With You

Your role as Business Owner or CEO is to create a clear and compelling vision that your team will follow. This comes when you know the purpose for your life and your company, and this allows your team to rally around a future that everyone can be a part of.  If you do not have this, I can help you define it. I have done this for many companies here in DFW and have seen how it unifies and ignites the fire in the hearts of their team. Contact me to talk about how this works and let’s get that fire going for your team this month.

by Robert Hunt

I am a Business Owner and Forum Leader for Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas. My role is to find the best members for our CEO Groups, then lead each meeting so that our members become Raving Fans. You can connect with me on LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook. You can also email me at or call me  at (469) 269-5148.

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