Why Join the DFW American Marketing Association.

The members of our CEO Peer Advisory Groups in Dallas have been focused on growing their business, and Marketing is a key aspect of that effort. When it comes to marketing resources we are blessed to have the best right here in DFW. The Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of the American Marketing Association (DFWAMA) has been around since 1956 and helps Marketing Professionals and Business Owners who want help to reach their goals.

I volunteered as the Executive VP of Membership for years and I benefited greatly from my involvement in the chapter. I focused on Marketing and Business Development most of my career and joined the AMA back in 2006.

The DFW AMA helped me build a new network when I transitioned my career to Texas back in 2010, and the friends I made back then are still some of my best friends today. If you are not involved with the DFW AMA you should be.

The DFW American Marketing Association is a great resource for Small Business Owners and Marketing Professionals in any role here in DFW. Besides having hundreds of active members here in the Metroplex, with thousands of people connected online, members of the DFW AMA are part of an International Organization that brings the best of the best together to serve the business community. Most of their members are experienced marketing leaders with over 10 years of Marketing experience. As the leading organization for Marketers in America, the AMA is the trusted “go-to resource” for marketing professionals, business owners, students, and academics here in North Texas.

The chapter President is my friend Tom Denis of ExperiPro. Tom served as President of the DFW AMA 2011- 2012 and has stepped up to bring his unique style and passion to the role once again. During his time as President we won awards for Leadership Overall Excellence, Programming, and Continuing Excellence so Tom has jumped back in to help make the DFW AMA Great Again!

The new board is embracing the younger marketing community to serve and grow alongside the more experienced leaders of the Dallas marketing community. The business community of North Texas is focused on growth and the DFW AMA will be a key resource to help them reach their goals. As more businesses move to the great state of Texas to run their business, the DFW AMA will be key to connecting them to all things Marketing.

This Professional Organization is designed for the Marketing Professional as well as Business Owners who need help to understand marketing and find resources to accomplish their marketing strategies. Monthly luncheons, “Meet & Greets,” and special events provide local opportunities to find the help you need to reach your Marketing goals. The National Headquarters also provides special training events and AMA Bootcamps where your team can sharpen their skills. I’ve been at events where a business leaders showed up with a series of issues and walks out with the needed resources and fresh ideas to get it done! That’s real value – real fast.

The majority of DFW AMA members join for the networking and stay because they like to be a part of one of the largest professional organizations in the world. For me, this is where I have built lasting relationships and a network of resources to help me tackle the challenges I face as a Business Owner and the Director of Marketing. Whether you get involved to build your career, reach your business goals, or get new educational and professional development, you are joining a great team of people.

CEO’s, CMO’s, Director of Marketing, Marketing Coordinators, Sales Managers, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, are just some of the titles and roles that use the DFW AMA each year. If you are a Small Business and want to create your own marketing plan, you can join the DFW AMA and have access to great marketing resource materials, case studies, video learning, webinars, and virtual events. You can also attend local events to find companies and consultants who can help you with all your marketing needs. Get support from local marketing leaders and enhance your understanding of current best practices and find local resources you need to knock your next campaign out of the park! Also, don’t wait until you’re looking for a job to network with the leaders of the DFW AMA, get involved now so you have a group of people to support you when you need it most.

I’m promoting the DFW AMA because I have experienced the value of this organization and know the value you can have when you get involved. Sign up to be notified of events at www.DFWAMA.com, attend their next event, get connected, and stay involved. If you’ve never been to one of their monthly Meet & Greet mixers in the Metroplex, click this photo to watch a video of what they are like. Let me know if you are going to an event and I’ll try to join you so I can keep in touch with old friends.

Robert Hunt

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