A Life of Gracious Giving

Giving to othersSomeone asked me why I’m always promoting some charity or cause on social media. The reason is because there is SO much need out there, and SO few people giving to others. When we become overly focused on our own issues, it becomes difficult to see the needs of others.

I have found that money can indeed buy happiness; as long as you spend it on others. Let me encourage you to see giving to others as a great way to invest the resources GOD has given you.

Be Thankful

Take a minute to realize how blessed you are. If you are reading this, you are better off than most of the world because you can read, and since you have a computer to read it on, you are obviously rich!. A thankful heart allows us to give without expecting something back, or without questioning the need. The simplest example is when you see someone asking for money at the stop light. Do you look at him and say “that guy is dressed too nice to really be broke, and why is he smoking if he’s so broke, and who can afford to have a dog when they are broke.” (These are quotes I’ve actually heard people say). Instead say to yourself, thank you GOD that my life is so good that I never even THINK about standing on a corner and asking for money. Then give the guy a few dollars and drive on knowing you have a full tank of gas and you’re late to eat a $20 lunch.

daniel RobyOne of the benefits of caring for others is that it makes our own situation seem better by comparison. When Daniel Roby shares stories about the homeless people who are cared for by the Austin Street Center, I look at my family and home that GOD has given me and I say “Thank you Lord!” (click this logo to learn more about the great work Daniel and his team are doing.)

When I hear of a woman who chose to abort her baby because she felt there was no other option, I think of the work Involved for Life is doing in Dallas, and I remember my Mom who already had four kids and an abusive husband the day she found out she was pregnant with me, and still chose to let me live. (Thank you Mom!) By the way, I’m hosting a table again this year for their annual fundraiser so join me if you want to learn more. (Click here for info)

When you stop to realize just how great your life is, how awful it could be, and the opportunities that are before you, how can you NOT be motivated to give to others?

Someone Was There For YOU

Many people feel that the success they have in life was because of their own hard work and that no one gave them a hand out on the way up. This is true for many of the leaders I meet here in DFW, and it has been their passion and dedication that lead to their success. However the reality is that you had to have SOMEONE who followed you, SOMEONE who believed in you, SOMEONE who trusted you, SOMEONE who put up with you (ouch!), and SOMEONE who was loyal to you. No one can ever reach their full potential without the help and support of others.

ALL OF US have achieved enough success in our business and personal life that we can invest this back into others. Whether you are the CEO or the Parking Garage Attendant, you are qualified to pour some of the resources back into others who will do the same for those that follow them.

Give & Give Often

God directed us to give a tiny 10% of what He graciously gives to us. We get to spend 90% any way we want. The Federal Government requires 30% of what we make, so God’s request seems minuscule by comparison. So how will you use the 90% you have to get the best ROI?

No one would ever run a business and NOT invest back into it. We use profits to invest in the people, technology and processes that keep us moving forward. You have this same opportunity to invest back into the world that has supported you and allowed you to get where you are today.

My Renaissance Executive Forum Group members have shared stories of helping employees who experienced financial hardships due to medical issues or tragedies of life. These leaders choose to invest in the lives of these families with no financial return expected. Some have given people extra time off to take care of issues and given of their own time to go and support these employees in their darkest hours. Others have even given employees the funds and resources which allowed them to leave their company and start their own business. There are lots of ways to give – just give.


Writing a check is the easiest form of giving and not the only way to give. You have three main resources to share; TimeTalent, and Treasures. I give to my church because I believe in the role they play in caring for others and sharing the Gospel message with the world. Additionally, I use my marketing communication skills (talent) to serve in the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast, and I invest my time into the lives of Middle School kids at Chase Oaks Church. This is not to brag about what I do but to inspire you to find a way to give. Each gift meets a different need and helps me use all my resources wisely.

We are all busy but its important to make time to invest in others. Shin Takahashi is a member of our Top Executive Group and the CEO of NEC Corporation of America. He is a busy man yet always made time to invest in others. He volunteered his time with the Dallas Regional Chamber and the Irving Chamber of Commerce, and gave of his time to raise money for the American Heart Association and more! If he can do it, we all have no excuse not to invest time in helping others.

So if money is tight, give of your time. If time is tight, give of your talent, If you have no time or talents (doubtful), write a check! There is always a way to give some of what GOD has graciously poured out to you. Start small if you need to, but start now.

  • If you have a lot of money, give graciously.
  • If you have a lot of skills, serve humbly.
  • If you have a lot of time, lead confidently.

Follow Your Passion

( Man this is a long article. Sorry )

God often puts things on my heart that I care about and it moves me to invest my resources in some manner. There are a “Gazillion” places to invest in. Find one and get going, but don’t judge other peoples causes.

Malcolm Gladwell recently went on a Twitter Tirade about John Paulson donating $400 Million to Harvard. Malcolm thought its ridiculous to give such a wealthy school that kind of money, but at least he GAVE. Don’t spend your time judging the intentions or passions of others, just step up and be as giving yourself.

Ring of Hope Boxing Club.jpgI volunteer with the Ring of Hope Boxing Club here in DFW. This was started in Dallas by Steven Bolos of United Renovations, and we opened our second club in The Colony in 2015. This was made possible because of the passion and gracious giving of Steven and the UR Hope Foundation that he started, as well as the many companies who sponsor our annual A Night to Fight. Where your heart treasure is there is your heart so find a way to passionately give both.

How much?

Who Cares! It matters less about the amount than the fact of whether or not you are giving. If you already make it a point to give now, find a way to give a little more. If you’re in the habit of regular giving already, encourage those in your life to give regularly as well. That’s the reason I’m writing this article and why I am often telling you about some cause to get involved with.

I see it like this; GOD has given me an amazing life and He expects me to be a good steward of these resources so I return Him a great ROI for the life he has given me. Yes, we worked hard to get where we are today, but remember that we are blessed to live in this Country, have parents who provided the opportunity to be our best, and don’t forget all the people who supported you as you started your company, created a new idea, or lead your team. People invested in us and we should work to pay it back.

I will continue to share opportunities for you to join me in giving back to others in hope that it inspires you to live a thankful life and graciously give to others. Find your cause today, give with your whole heart and it will give you back joy and satisfaction in return as it has for me.

Robert Hunt

Lets meet and see how I can support you living the life you really want.

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