Do You Have a Business Therapist?

The members of our CEO Peer Advisory Group in DFW often share things with me that they do not feel they can tell anyone else. One of my group members told me I was like a therapist for business owners, and I’ve heard comments like this over the years from business owners and CEO’s that I’ve coached and worked with here in the Dallas area.

business-therapistI’m not a licensed therapist but I do own a couch. What I am is someone who helps leaders remove things that keep them from being their best. I provide Executive Coaching for my clients and group members to help them take the next step toward their goals. Having their trust and confidence allows me to help them process their thoughts and move them into action (see quote below from Mike Barnett of Oslin Nation.)

Our monthly CEO Peer Group meetings are sort of like a group therapy session. Our group members talk about the challenges of running a business and the isolation that often comes with being the final decision maker. These CEOs and business owners have grown their businesses to be quite successful, but they still face the same challenges of time, resources, technology and people. The responsibilities of leading their company can weigh heavily on them and they just need a safe place to talk and to be real.

This is one of the reasons our Renaissance Executive Forum groups meet each month. Our groups are a safe haven for business owners and CEO’s to share their frustrations and get the support and encouragement they need to lead with excellence. We are committed to absolute confidentiality in our groups and our members talk about everything from employee issues, thoughts of buying and selling businesses, family challenges, and the pressure to be “everything to everyone.”

I am honored by the trust my clients give me as they allow me to be a part of their lives. I take this responsibility very seriously and work hard to make a difference in their life, and the lives of their employees.

Mike Barnett of Oslin Nation

If you are open to learning from others and willing to be transparent about your desire to continuously improve as the leader of your company, talk to me about our Peer to Peer Advisory groups and let’s see how I can support you and your team. You can learn more about being a member in our CEO Peer Advisory Groups by click the image above or contact me at

Robert Hunt

(469) 269 – 5148

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