What is a CEO Peer Group Like?

It’s tough to effectively communicate the true value of being in our Peer Advisory Group. It’s like trying to describe the taste of an orange to someone who’s never had one before, or a sunrise to a blind person, or the joy in seeing your child born.

Our CEO Peer Group members in DFW meet each month to help each other find “more questions to the answers they already have.” That means we have a trusting relationship with each other that allows us to bring real issues and opportunities to the group and get unbiased feedback and insight. This really is priceless but I’ll try to explain more so you too can see the value.


What Is A Peer to Peer Advisory Group Like?

It’s like a fresh breath of air, it’s like sipping coffee on the porch on a cool Spring morning, or like sharing stories with your college buddies. You’ll come up with your own description once you experience our group but maybe this piques your interest.

We have a private meeting once a month with other successful business owners and CEOs so we can Learn, Grow and Share (the Renaissance Executive Forums slogan). It is like having a Board of Directors but they have no fiduciary responsibility. That means you can be as transparent as you want because everyone understands where you are coming from and does not have an ulterior motive in their response.

Most leaders are so busy running their business they don’t take time to stop and consider if they are focused on the best things, how well they are doing it, if they have the right team, and if they are where they should be for the effort invested.

Our groups take time to stop each month and get some room to think. This brings fresh ideas for growth, insights to make better decisions, best practices to lead with excellence, and the encouragement to balance your personal and professional goals. I also make sure we are having fun along the way.

How Much Time Will It Take?

The short answer is six hours a month but in reality, it takes as much time as you will invest in it. Coming to our meeting each month is easy, it’s only six hours a month and if you can’t take time to do that, you have bigger issues to deal with.

I provide one-on-one Executive Coaching to help our members get the most out of what they learn in our groups and then we share each month how we accomplished our action items from the last meeting. This type of encouragement helps you to reach your goals and experience the full value of the group.

Who Is In The Group?


People just like you – but not. We need people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences to help us see things we may have missed. They are Business Owners and CEO’s from a variety of industries and backgrounds. This is helpful because they think outside the norms of your industry and can open your mind to fresh ideas that can help you stand above your competition.

One thing I can say is that our group members share a level of character and competency that fits our groups. They are passionate leaders who are committed to always learning and pursuing excellence in their lives.

“If it was free with a rebate you would still think it was too expensive unless you understand the true value of our groups.”

What Does It Cost?

The question of fees is usually the last question any candidate for membership will ask because the Business Owners and CEO’s I meet with have already achieved a level of success and have the budget and willingness to invest in themselves.

evelynOur monthly membership fees are far less than a consultant will charge you to work with you for six hours on just one area of your business. With a room full of successful business leaders in the room, you end up with the wisdom and experience of 8 – 10 “consultants” who all have a unique perspective that can help you see things from all angles.

I’ve posted the testimonies of some of the leaders here in DFW who joined our groups. Click the photo above to read why they joined our groups and the value they received from investing in themselves through our monthly meetings.

Let’s talk about your goals and plans for the year and see how this group will be a value to you too. Submit this form below if you would like to be considered for a future seat in one of our groups here in the DFW area.


Robert Hunt

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