Are You Stuck In A Rut?

The definition of being stuck in a rut is “a habit or pattern of behavior that has become dull and unproductive but is hard to change.” Either one of those words (dull or unproductive) sounds horrible to me. Many CEO’s and business owners I meet in DFW seem to get stuck in a rut more often then you would imagine, and more often than they’d like.

Grave.001I like the phrase that says the difference from being in a rut and being in a grave is how deep it is, and how long you stay in it.

NOBODY wants to be in, or stay in a rut, or worse, end up in the grave as they pursue their passion and purpose. Unfortunately, it happens to many business leaders and it’s too late before they realize they need help.

So how do you get out of a rut before it becomes your grave? Forbes Magazine has an article on “Six Ways To Get Out Of A Rut” that I will comment about below.

1. Acknowledge The Problem 

This can be hard for most of us because we are so busy that we do not recognize a rut. Compare your activity to your goals and see if you are making progress. Ask those closest to you if you seem to be stuck in a rut. Once you see a pattern, you can make the changes to get out.

2. Break Things Down Into Steps  

It took a while to get into the rut so it will take a while to get out. Focus on one area at a time and make the change you know will move you back into the path to achieve your goals. Tell someone else what you are working on so they can encourage you along the way.

3. Done Is Better Than Perfect   

CEO’s reach a point of diminishing returns too. Consider the trade-off of one more hour focused on work, compared to an hour riding a bike or playing with the kids. Often, leaders trade off doing something anyone could do, for something only you can do best. Having a Work/Life Balance that invests in all parts of your life, will allow you to move out of the rut and enjoy life more. Make plans to join us June 6th at our next CEO Learning Session where we focus on having a Work/Life Balance. Sign up here.

cropped-cropped-img_0972.jpg4. Get Some Fresh Air  

Take a day off, an hour off, or even a few minutes, and refocus. Just getting up and walking around to say hi to the team can bring you back refreshed and ready to get things done. This is one of the reasons our CEO Peer Group members take a day away from the office each month to get some mental breathing room.

5. Get Some Exercise  

This one is easy to toss aside because we are so busy. Maybe you can’t get up at 4 am and jog a mile, but you can leave your office and walk around the block and listen to a couple energizing songs. You can call your family and let them know you were thinking of them and get some joy back from hearing their voice. It’s all about finding ways to keep your energy up while pouring into others all day long. Ask other CEO’s how they do it and you’ll find some great ideas.

6. Talk To Someone  

Get input from others about your rut. It could be a mental hang up that you can’t see. Our group members talk about everything – I mean everything. You are not the only business owner who carries the burden of providing for so many others. We know what you are going through and have found creative ways to conquer all the challenges you are facing. Just having someone to share what you feel, will immediately lighten the load and get you moving out of your rut.

Be intentional to move out of your rut before it becomes a grave. Find a group of leaders who can challenge, inspire and support your personal and professional evolution. If you need help with this, contact me at

Robert Hunt

Renaissance Executive Forum

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Read the Forbes article

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