The Value of Being in Our CEO Peer Groups

When I meet a CEO or business owner here in DFW that is interested in being a part of our CEO Peer Groups, they ask me the value our members receive from the monthly meetings and Executive Coaching. Here are the top reasons our group members tell me they are a part of our peer to peer advisory groups:

Reduce Isolation – it can be lonely at the top, but you do not have to do it alone.

Support and Encouragement – with so many people counting on you, who can you count on?

Experience and Insights – when you are facing something you have never experienced before, who do you turn to?

New Perspective – when you are not sure if you might be missing something, who helps you find out?

Peace of Mind – when something is just not feeling right, and you can’t seem to figure it out, where do you go?

Unstuck – When you are feeling stuck, who helps you grow and move forward?

Safe Place to be Real – when you need to get something off your chest and you don’t think anyone will understand, who do you talk with?

Enjoyment – when you make progress on something that no one else can see, who celebrates your accomplishment?

Balance – when you are wrestling with all the demands on your time, where do you go to recalibrate?

Space to Think – we all need time to clear our minds and make the right decisions.

Find your reason to join. Fill out this contact form and let’s set up a time talk about your plans and goals.

Robert Hunt

“Committed to your Personal and Professional Evolution.”

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