CEO Peer Group Gives Ben Randolph Time to Focus on Key Areas of His Business

During a recent meeting with our CEO Peer Groups in Dallas, I asked a few of our members to record a short member testimonial of why they are in our CEO Peer to Peer Advisory Groups. When Ben Randolph, Founder and Principal of Agency Entourage, comes to his CEO Peer Group, he can clear his mind and connect with others on a challenging level. “I can truly sit down and talk with someone in a very transparent and honest way about the same challenges I’m going through as a leader.”  During his member testimonial, Ben talks about how his CEO Peer Group gives him time to focus on key areas of his business.

Focusing on the Business

During our CEO Peer Group meetings, it’s a time to put away all technology, forget about the clients and give all of our attention to the key areas of our businesses. As Ben Randolph mentions in his member testimonial, there are not a lot of places in his everyday life where people have the same issues as he does. By being a member of a CEO peer group with Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas, he surrounds himself with other CEOs in the DFW who’ve faced similar challenges.

Having Others to Relate to

Relating to others as a CEO can be a struggle at times. You carry a lot of responsibility as the final decision maker of your company, and there are not many people who understand what you go through on a daily basis. “As the leader, you can sometimes feel isolated at the top who is expected to have all the answers and know the best way to tackle any challenge. But I love getting in a room with six, seven, eight other people and hearing all these other perspectives and hearing how they tackle the same exact challenge that I have.” Every company has its pain points, so having a close group of successful leaders in your CEO peer group brings with it a sense of peace and trust. At Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas, we understand challenges are always going to get in the way. As Ben said, being a member of a CEO Peer Group “opens my mind as to another way to think about a challenge that I’m dealing with.” If you are looking for a place to challenge yourself or time to focus on your business like Ben Randolph, contact me today for more information on our CEO Peer Groups in Dallas.

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