Camaraderie With Successful Leaders

Jim Monk of Plustar in Dallas has built and sold two other companies before joining the Plustar team. Jim has had thousands of employees and knows the burden a CEO has for his team. I met Jim before he sold his last company and was impressed with his character and focused business mind. He joined our CEO Peer Groups in 2017.

This video testimony from Jim explains the camaraderie he feels from meeting with business owners and CEO each month here in DFW. Our group’s member are going through very similar challenges and are open to learning from the experience of others. Jim likes the idea of sitting across the table from other like-minded leaders who will take interest in him, as he does with them, and help each other improve their business.

You also carry a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders, and I am committed to helping you remove anything that keeps you from being your best. It’s my personal purpose and I love doing it. My group members will tell you that being in our groups has been a huge blessing to them. Don’t take my word for it, read what they said.

Contact me to learn how Renaissance Executive Forums CEO Peer Groups can be of real value to you today.

Robert Hunt

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