How a CEO Peer Group Helps Mindy Passmore Manage Her Two Businesses


I recently asked members of my Renaissance Executive Forums Peer Groups in DFW why they joined our peer to peer advisory groups. In this video, Mindy Passmore of B2B CFO, talks about her experience with our peer group. One thing Mindy touched on was the support she receives from other group members. In her member testimonial, Mindy mentioned, “Working closely with each member of the group gives me the opportunity to get to know them very well. We talk a lot about the tools needed to be a successful leader.”

Managing Two Businesses

As Mindy Passmore takes on the role of CEO in both of her small businesses, her peer to peer group is there to help her grow and learn everything there is to know about being a servant leader. Each of her small businesses’ is unique. The first company is Mindy’s family owned business and the other company helps her live out her passion of helping other companies be successful from a financial and strategic perspective. Having the support of Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas and her peer to peer advisory group makes managing the two companies more doable.

We Build Trust

At Renaissance Executive Forums, a core value that we focus on is trust. Without trust between the peer group members, we would not be successful. Mindy says, “That’s really important when you’re trying to learn something and you’re talking frankly with your team member or other members of the group, is being able to trust them.” During our monthly meetings, our group members have a safe environment to speak freely about the challenges in leading their businesses and to build relationships with other successful leaders in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

Members of our peer groups in DFW have been through similar challenges and situations, so we share openly and honestly. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company might be, there is a place for everyone. The continued support offered by a peer group members goes beyond our monthly meetings, it continues into your daily life. Find your reason and discover a new circle of trust at Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas by contacting us today.

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