Why I Chase CEOs

This week at our annual CEO Summit in DFW, I presented 5-Year Membership Awards to three of our group members. Members of Renaissance Executive Forums stay involved in our CEO Peer Groups an average of five years. They certainly see a value in membership.

As Ben Randolph mentioned yesterday as I gave him his award, I had to “chase him pretty hard to get him to join.” I’d known been a few years through the DFW American Marketing Association, because the Agency Entourage team wins so many awards each year. We talked about Executive Coaching and our peer to peer advisory groups many times at these events. I had lunch in Dallas with him and his wonderful wife Candace to explain the value of membership in our groups, but still he did not join.

It wasn’t until I mailed him a “round-tuit” that he finally joined. I sent this coin to him with a letter that said,

“I know you plan to join when you get around to it – here’s a round-tuit, now you can join.”

I try to find creative ways to connect with very busy business owners and CEOs here in DFW. Part of me feels like I do an awful lot of chasing just to get the opportunity to be a blessing to other leaders and their teams.

I reach out to a potential candidate through LinkedIn, emails, phone calls, and text messages. I’ve even mailed an Echo Dot to get them to listen to our “CEO Tip Of The Day” and pique their interest to respond. I patiently wait and keep reaching out because I know the value of what we do, and my group members tell me “thank you for not giving up on me” after they have joined our groups. So I press on with the chase.

My passion for serving leaders and changing lives drives me forward. GOD has put a desire on my heart to change and impact the lives of our business leaders here in DFW, and this drives me to do all the chasing I need to as I search for great leaders to join our groups.

Am I Chasing You?

If I reach out to you, and you don’t know me (yet) take a few minutes to learn why you should meet with me:

These groups have changed the lives of our group members, if you doubt me – ask them.

By the way, there are men and women across North & South America that do what I do as part of the Renaissance Executive Forums international organization. Visit this website to find a Peer Group Leader in your area.

“Because The World Needs Great Leaders.”

Robert Hunt

Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas

Listen to Ben Randolph explain the value of being in our CEO Groups.

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