What A Private Equity Buyer Thinks About Your Business?

“What would a Private Equity Buyer think about my company?”

Most of the business owners I meet in DFW have considered what it will be like to sell their company some day. Not now, but someday. Every business out there will someday transition from the current owner to someone else. How this happens is usually up to you so building a business that others will see as valuable should be the concern of every business owner.

One of your potential bidders is likely to be a Private Equity Group (PEG). They have a ton of cash and are looking to purchase well-run companies here in DFW, but they probably won’t want to acquire all of your company. A PEG may buy most of your business and ask you to stay on and run it for a while as a minority shareholder.

And that’s where the problems can start for an independent-minded founder if you don’t understand what is motivating a PEG to invest in your company.

I am a certified Value Builder System Business Coach and I love the tools they provide me to help business owners add more value to their business. Value Builder Systems has online tools that my group members can use to focus on the eight key drivers that add value to a company. One of the tools provided is a series of interviews with other successful business owners so we can learn from their experience (the peer to peer group model in action).

Here is an audio file to help you understand how a Private Equity Group may view your company. This episode gets inside the head of a Private Equity (PE) investor who shares his experience as an investor. Click the photo and listen on your way home tonight.

Highlights of the audio:

  • What PE buyers see when they’re looking at your business
  • How PE firms use leverage to maximize their returns
  • How PE buyers structure a sale
  • How to find the right PE acquirer for your company
  • How to spot a PE investment train wreck

When you are ready to get your own Value Builder Score, contact me for a link to take your assessment at RobertH@REFdallas.com. 

Robert Hunt

Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas

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