Is It Okay To Pray At Work?

The short answer is YES, it’s okay to pray at work. We’ve become so worried that everything will offend others, that too many people have stopped being themselves. They have one version of themselves at work, another for home, and still another at church. That seems like too much effort, so I decided to be the same guy at all places – and this guy prays.

I’ve never met someone who wouldn’t accept prayer. No matter where I am if I offer to pray for someone, they accept it. It may seem odd to pray in the middle of an office hallway, but if the guy tells me his wife has cancer, I’m not gonna offer to “send good thoughts his way,” I’m gonna pray with him, right then.

Find time to pray

This is one of the reasons I love DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast. This annual event encourages us to live out our faith in the world around us. It invites people of other faith to come and see what Jesus Christ has meant in our lives. It empowers leaders to boldly live out their faith at work and to share the hope we have in Christ to the world around us. Read the article “Why Pray” on the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast website for more info.

I know that some people are uncomfortable talking about their faith, or even having other people talk about theirs. However, the times are changing and these days, we talk about EVERYTHING. I think too often people self-impose restrictions that no one else can legally put on them, or even that basic peer-pressure would impose. We’re not in High School anymore and we don’t have to be worried about not being in the cool club because we actually live out what we say we believe on Sunday mornings.

People actually want you to pray for them. There is a lot of hurt in the World, and people need others to stop and show they care for them. Members of my CEO Peer Groups in DFW deal with incredible stress and challenges each day as the leader of their company. We’ve stopped and prayed about important issues many times during our monthly peer to peer advisory group meetings. We’ve prayed over everything from a death in the family, to health and marital issues. We’re not a “Christian Group” but I’m a Christian guy, and that’s how I roll.

Keep your values

The Core Values of Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas are (in this specific order):

  • Show Love
  • Serve Beyond Expectations
  • Pursue Excellence 
  • Be Real

Prayer is an important part of living out these core values in my business. I hope you will allow yourself to pray for others as you show them you care, and I hope you will allow others to pray for you because you need it.

If this is a hard thing for you to deal with, you are not alone. Let’s talk sometime, or better yet, join me at the next DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast and see what this is all about.

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