Mentors – The Key to Your Success

There’s a strong need to develop the next generation of leaders but very few companies are intentional in providing real-life experiences to learn from those who have gone before us. The real challenge in mentoring seems to be finding someone who is willing and qualified to be a mentor. I’ve been a part of mentor programs here in DFW and we always have a lot more people wanting to be a protégé than we have mentors to partner with them. 

Millennials seem to be the most comfortable asking for a mentor, but everyone can benefit from the wisdom and encouragement of a leader who is a few steps ahead of us. Steve Jobs of Apple, Larry Page of Google, and Richard Branson of Virgin have all had Mentors that made a huge impact in their lives, and the same will be true for the new leaders of tomorrow.

“A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.”   Zig Ziglar

Having someone encourage and challenge you is core to what our Peer Advisory Groups in Dallas offer. Our Renaissance Executive Forum Group members see the need for leadership development of their next generation of leaders so I work closely with Owners and CEOs to provide Leadership Development support to their teams. We tackle goal setting, conflict resolution, improving communications, creating a clear and compelling vision the team can follow, time management, and many other topics as needed.

Handing Over The Keys Starts Now

You’ve worked so hard to build your business, the goal is to slowly transition you from being the critical center of your business success, and bring up leaders who are ready to lead with excellence. This process starts now and should be core to your vision for the company and the culture you expect to stay long after you step aside as the final decision-maker.

I’m not saying you have to sell it or stop working at your company today, but you do need to have people leading with you today so you can enjoy your life NOW, assure a safe transition of leadership, and the continued success of your company.

Most of our members are just as concerned about the health and growth of their business, as they are about the health and enjoyment of their personal lives, and they want to enjoy BOTH now. Why not, it’s their company!

You will eventually hand over the leadership of your company to someone else. How well that goes is up to you but if you are not intentional, your results are likely to be less than you desire. This is a challenge if you are the center of your company, and most everything has to have your approval or touch (or even worse be done) by you. When the day comes and you are no longer able to fulfill this function, someone will step in and take over. Will they be equipped to carry on your vision and passion of the company you built?

Make plans today for someone on your team to slowly take over more and more responsibility, in order for them to be prepared for their future role as the leader. Having a formal training and leadership development program enables you to prepare for the future and keep your dream alive long after you are gone.

Leadership development and transition are one of the many topics we address in our monthly Renaissance Executive Forums meetings. Our members share their experiences to learn from the success and failures of other great leaders. These meetings help us shorten the learning curve, find proven resources and be accountable to the goals we set.


Our goal is to have you and your future leaders prepare for the continued success of your team, strengthen the legacy you built, and allow the life you want today. It’s not a pipe dream, our members are doing this NOW. Join us!

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Robert Hunt

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