Everybody needs Prayer

Not everyone believes in GOD, goes to church, or even prays. However, I’ve never met anyone who has refused my prayers for them. Even the most hardened heart has melted under a time of sincere prayer because prayer has the power to instantly change the tone and focus of the moment.

I’ve had the opportunity to work in many industries over my career and with every type of role from Construction Worker, Engineering Manager, to CEO. No matter what their view of GOD or Faith was, when times were tough and things seem hopeless, every one of them gladly received my offer of prayer.

Prayer is the common denominator that opens hearts to be real, in a world where we often feel we have to “look” like we have it all together. We all have issues, hang-ups, baggage, and fears that can weigh us down. Even the “cool” people have things that they keep private for fear of others knowing that they have been hurt and are not willing to trust anyone ever again.

Having a Prayer Breakfast sounds like a pretty good idea to me! Last year’s event brought together over 800 Technology and Business Leaders from across the Metroplex, and our 2019 event is scheduled for Friday, October 4 at the Irving Convention Center. Sign up to be a Table Host and invite your friends and coworkers to join you.

We’re on a Mission from GOD

The Mission of the DFW Tech PB is very simple:

“To create relevant business environments for DFW Technology Professionals where a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ is presented and nurtured.”

Most people are searching for something more out of life but are not sure what that is. We believe this longing will only be filled through a personal relationship with GOD and His son Jesus Christ. The DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast creates a place to share what this looks like in our personal and professional lives.

Don’t worry, we won’t spend 90 minutes in prayer. It only takes a moment to turn our focus from ourselves, to turn our attention toward GOD, and to be ready to hear His voice as He calls us into a real relationship with Him. Prayer will set the stage for the stories you will hear from Technology Leaders whose lives have been radically changed because of their Faith in Jesus Christ.

Researchers Are Welcome

The world today is riddled with a lack of trust. Public figures fall from grace daily, and even the most trusted leaders can be dashed upon the rocks in a shipwreck of deceit. Today’s youth will not trust marriage because of all the divorce they have seen around them. Millennials don’t trust the societal norms because so many things seem broken and empty. One side of our government won’t trust the other, and we are all left wondering who can you trust anymore. You have two choices, give up, crawl into a hole and wait out the storm, or you can dig deep and search for truth.

This is one of the reasons we are having the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast.

We want to invite friends, neighbors and coworkers to come hear how Jesus Christ has changed the lives of leaders in the Technology Industry. Not that a story from some tech guy is all you need to trust in the GOD of the Bible, but it’s a start.

Our lives have been changed because we have come to understand God’s love and plan for us, and our desire is that you know Him too. It’s that simple. We promise to make the morning fun, interesting, and life-changing for all who attend. Come on, I’ll be there, and that’s a party in and of itself!

What It’s NOT

If you’ve never been to the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast, let me put your mind at ease. Our event is NOT a

  • A Tent Revival.
  • 90 Minutes of Praying.
  • An attempt to get you to join a church.

We are men and women who work here in DFW and have regular lives, jobs, friends and family just like you do. We are leaders who are passionate about our faith in Jesus Christ and what that means in our lives. There must be something about all this that makes over 900 people come together and share it with others so join us and see for yourself.

If you want to join me as a Table Host or learn more about all this email me at RobertH@REFdallas.com

Robert Hunt

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