I am A Mama’s Boy

“Happy Mother’s Day Mom!”

I wanted to give her credit for the great work she did as a Mom. I am the man I am today because my Mom taught me to love Jesus Christ and to never give up, so she deserves a shout-out on Mothers Day.

We grew up without much but I was taught to appreciate and be thankful for what I had. As far as I knew, everybody shared a room with two other siblings, got clothes from the discount clothing store, ate lots of Hamburger Helper, and bought day-old pastries. It didn’t both me and I never went without, although she often did. She made sure we had cool life adventures like being on the Family Feud.

How We Were Raised

She sent us to camp (thank you church scholarships), bought us banjos (with lessons) for Christmas, and even got us Hang Ten clothes from the outlet so we felt cool. We always had time to play and Mom kept our home open for friends any time.

My mom knew how to make cool stuff that cost nothing and this helped me develop an imagination and creative ways to make every moment fun. She once took me and four of my 7th-grade friends to a cherry orchard for my birthday. On the way there, I keep thinking this was the lamest idea for a birthday party, but it turned out that cherries make a cool stain when you hurl them at someone and we had a paintball war before it was even invented!

We also knew what it was like to work for what we wanted, and we learned to share in the responsibilities at home so we were ready to live on our own when we moved out. Mom had two or three jobs most of the time so we learned how to cook and clean and work our own jobs early in life. I am thankful for this attitude that you can do anything if you are willing to work for it.

Mom taught me to work hard and use money wisely because working hard and using it to care for others honors GOD. She had a day job and then worked at home in the evenings too. I can remember may nights falling asleep and seeing the glow of the light down the hall as Mom was retouching negatives for school pictures, or selling Mary Kay. 

My Mom Decided To Let Me Be Born

She already had four kids, no money and an abusive husband the day she found out that Dad had not actually gotten a vasectomy and she was pregnant with her firth child. It would have been easier to abort me than to let me add to her burden in life, but she chose life for me. 

This Mothers Day please help other Mothers make the right choice and donate to Involved For Life in Dallas. This is a ministry in Dallas that give women the choice to keep their baby or put it up for adoption. @InvForLife 

I love my Mom. She is kind, joyful, loving and honest. She gives graciously, serves faithfully, loves unconditionally, and one the strongest women I’ve ever met. I hope you are blessed to have a Mom like mine and that you will honor your Mom by the way you honor the women in your life today. 

Robert Hunt

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