Manage Your Distractions

My friend and fellow Renaissance Executive Forum Leader Doug Packard, shared some great reminders of what it takes to stay FOCUSED these days.

“Business leaders work diligently at managing people and projects but most find it difficult to manage their own focus and energy. Leaders have little heads-down time and end up doing much of their work after hours.”

You can read Doug’s article by clicking on his photo and I’ll share a couple of items I liked the best: 

•  Put electronic communications out of sight: Make it impossible to hear and see all the incoming emails, text messages and phone calls. This is also important when you meet with people. It shows you are giving them your undivided attention. 

•  Set up the layout of your office to minimize distractions: Place your desk so you face away from the door and windows where you can see people walking by. Also be sure to de-clutter your office, create a simple filing system and limit the mementos on your desk. Anything within your sight is sure to distract.

•  Do the most difficult thing first: If you don’t, it will be on your mind all day. It usually doesn’t turn out nearly as bad as you think.

•  Work on one thing at a time rather than multi-tasking: Strive to complete two or three things each day that is most critical so you have a sense of accomplishment. This is much more energizing than partially completing many tasks, which usually proves to be frustrating.

Read Doug’s entire article by clicking on his photo, and then share your methods to stay focused below so we can learn from your success. 

Doug Packard is CEO and owner of Renaissance Executive Forums in Maine and New Hampshire and Doug Packard Consulting in Portland. He can be reached at

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