The Value Of Executive Coaching

I provide Executive Coaching to my clients and their employees and I’ve seen the value in their personal and professional lives. You may have been considering this for you or your employees, so I thought I’d help your decision process.

To start with I want to clarify the difference between Consulting and Coaching. Consultants usually tell you what you should do. On the other hand, Coaches ask you what you want to do and then help solve what’s keeping you from getting it done.

I think most business owners and CEOs here in DFW already know what to do, they just can’t seem to get it all done. Executive Coaching allows you to have an unbiased look into your personal and professional goals, and get clarity or support to take the first step.

Not every CEO or business owner is a great coach; you can’t be great at everything!

Working with an experienced Executive Coach will add value to you and your team. This investment goes right to the bottom line, keeps your employees engaged and loyal, and helps leaders move past roadblocks that hold things up.

It provides continuous learning and develops your team to meet current and future needs, all in the privacy of a one-on-one conversation. You can read testimonies from my Executive Coaching clients on my Google Business and LinkedIn pages.


Invest In Yourself. Invest In Your Team.

Executive Coaching is an investment that you make for yourself and to develop your key leadership team for the long-term benefit of your organization. Executive Coaching is a great way to develop and keep great employees. Here are a few of the results I’ve seen:

  • Productivity improvements.
  • Organizational strength improvements.
  • Quality improvements.
  • Customer service improvements.
  • Greater retention of executives who received coaching.


What Is The Cost Of Executive Coaching?

Typical Executive Coaching programs are a mix of both change and growth-oriented coaching. We work on changing certain behaviors or skills and focusing on sharpening overall performance. It will take some time to see the bigger results but I’ve seen changes in the very first session.

Executive Coaching is tailored to meet your needs and I start new clients off with a set of five sessions at $3,500 (yes I publish my prices). We meet at my office to provide a safe and uninterrupted place to dive into issues. In most cases, we will meet every other week or once a month to achieve the results we want. 

If you are a senior leader of your company and they do not provide employer-paid programs, you can still invest in yourself to drive your personal and leadership development. I offer a 100% satisfaction refund and you can see from the referrals I have, that my clients are very happy with the coaching I provide. Click here to read my reviews from past and current executives’ coaching experiences. 

For more information about starting an Executive Coaching program email me at

Robert Hunt

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  • Tyler Johnson - Reply

    That’s a good point that coaching would be a long term investment. If it could help you to be better at your job, or get a promotion, then I think that would look better to your next employer as well. My buddy is trying to move up the ranks at his current job or find a new one that will be better for him, so I should recommend that he tries executive coaching.

    February 11, 2020 at 10:02
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