CEO Summit DFW 2020

CEO Summit DFW 2020If you are a member of Renaissance Executive Forums across North and South America, you are invited to attend my annual CEO Summit DFW on March 12, 2020. This has traditionally been an annual event for the members of our DFW groups, but I am extending the offer to any REF group member who wants to join us that day.

This year we invited the team from The ReWild Group to take us through a workshop to focus on the “Stages of Growth” and understanding what it takes to create a healthy business ecosystem. Matt Pohl and his team are flying out from the Denver area to be with us that week and it will be a great event.

If you are not familiar with what the ReWild Group does, you can learn more by watching this short video.









Renaissance Executive Forums is an International Franchise group with thousands of business owners and CEOs meeting each month to work on being their best. It is not a networking group, it is more like group therapy for business leaders. We learn from each other and take time to get room to think and make better decisions in our personal and professional lives.

If this sounds like something you too would value in your life, and you are the CEO or business owner of your company, contact me about being a guest that day. Our groups are not for everyone but we can have a quick call and decide if there may be a fit and it makes sense for you to join us this year.

Robert Hunt

CEO Peer to Peer Advisory Groups.

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