What Is Your Reputation?

Have you taken time to see what the world is saying about you online? Not that I need my ego to be fed, although I do like that, my reputation online is a great way to document what others say about me and to know that what I do is making a difference in the lives of business leaders here in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

I spend a lot of time working with CEOs, business owners, and their teams here in Metroplex. It means a lot when people give me a great review because I want others to see the value I provide leaders so they will ask me to help their team too.

John Wooten once said:

“Worry about your character, not your reputation. Your character is who you are, and your reputation is who other people think you are.”

I don’t think John Wooten was on LinkedIn.

In today’s world, both are very important. My character is most important as it allows me to be the best version of myself in all I do. However, what other people think about me has a very powerful influence on the world and my opportunity to change and impact lives.

LinkedIn and Google are a couple of places you should be concerned about what others think about you.

Most people are already familiar with the practice of getting Recommendations on LinkedIn. Here are the steps if you are not familiar with this.

Start by asking your clients and business associates to give you a recommendation. You can even suggest what their recommendation should focus on. When they give you one, take time to review it and even ask them to revise if it has typos or misses some key elements. Then once it’s done, make sure to thank them for the effort.

The other area I focus on is my Google Business Page. You should have one to please the people at Google and help improve your SEO so others can find you.

It is also a great place for potential clients to go see what others are saying about you, and the value you have provided to other clients.

A Google Business Page is easy to set up and does not take much to maintain. Click this link or the photo to see my Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas (DFW) Google Business Page.

Once you set up your own Google Business Page, ask your clients to visit the page and give you a five-star review so others will see the value they received from working with you. It’s easy.

I suggest you ask them to do this right after they call you to thank you for the great meeting you led, or the amazing Executive Coaching Session you provided them, or for helping them resolve an employee issue. Ask while it’s fresh in their minds so you get the good stuff!

I actually have a paragraph I copy and paste into an email so I set them up to provide a review without struggles. Here is my example to get you started:

“I’m working to improve my online presence by updating my Google Business Page (something you should do also). Because you have experienced the way I work with CEOs, business owners, and their teams here in DFW, would you please give me a five-star rating on my Google Biz page at https://g.page/REFdallas?share. Feel free to say whatever you want but I encourage you to focus on the real value you received from our time together so others will see the great work I do and ask me to help their team too. Thank you so much! “

Make sure to reply to each review and let them know you appreciate their words and the honor of working with them and their teams.

Building a great reputation takes a lifetime and its priceless. Helping others find information about my reputation allows me to connect with other leaders so I can help them, and this why I put the effort into these recommendation pages.

People are waiting to find and work with you. I encourage you to create an online reputation that clearly tells your story so others can see how awesome you are, and the value you will bring to their life when they have the pleasure of working with you.

Robert Hunt

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