Looking For My Soul Brother

I’m looking to expand the Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas team and would like your help. I have been leading CEO Peer Groups here in DFW since 2013 and I’m ready to bring on more leaders who will share my passion and vision to serve CEOs and business owners who want to be their best.

I know this person will not be easy to find because I have a really high standard for who qualifies to join me in my quest to change and impact the lives of leaders in the Metroplex. Here are the core values of REF Dallas so you can think of who could live out these values as part of my team:Looking For My Soul Brother.

•   Show Love.
•   Serve Beyond Expectations.
Pursue Excellence.
Be Real.

These are easy to remember and live out for the right person.

More Details

I’m looking for someone in their late 30’s who has successfully built and sold a few businesses and knows the challenges final decision-makers face.

This leader has a humble heart and a desire to serve others. They are great communicators and well organized, and they need to be fun because I will be spending a lot of time with them and I want to enjoy the process. They also need to have a passion for following Jesus Christ with their life. This is a core to who I am and guides how I run my business, so this one is most important when finding my soul brother to join the team.

Looking For My Soul Brother

If you know me, you know how I lead and serve others, and you are my best chance at helping me find a partner for our team. Please take a minute and think of who would be a great candidate to join the REF Dallas team as a CEO Peer Group Leader, and please let them know about my search so they can contact me today. You can also direct them to my website to learn more and get excited about the opportunity of being a part of the best CEO Peer Groups in DFW.

Thank you for your help.

Robert Hunt

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