Your Evolution As A Leader

Great leaders decide to step out of the ordinary and into a daring adventure. Wise leaders learn to consider the risk vs reward of their actions to get the best result with the least amount of failure. Our CEO Peer Group members add the value of surrounding themselves with other successful leaders who can help them see things from a different perspective. These are the same concepts that Ray Dalio presents in his book Principles.

Ray Dalio is the Founder of Bridgewater Associates, the worlds largest hedge fund with $160 billion under management, the fifth largest private company in the US, the 30th richest man in the US in 2018, recipient of 3-lifetime achievement awards, and author of the #1 New York Times bestselling book Principles.

He is also a guy who made huge mistakes and has created a process to avoid them going forward.  That is what the video is all about and it is worth your time to watch it.

Ray’s perspective on success in life is to “embrace reality and deal with it.” Our CEO Peer Group members in DFW studied the concepts from his book Principles and have used many of his key concepts to pursue excellence in our personal and professional lives.


I ask my new clients to watch this as part of starting to work with me. This sets the tone for me to help them remove anything that is keeping them from being their best. Ray talks about Radical Openness and Radical Transparency in his book. He reminds us that great leaders surround themselves with people who see things differently in pursuit of truth. He says the biggest problem we will face is our ego and blind spots, so we need others to help us see what we tend to overlook. This is what our CEO Peer Groups are all about.

“Learn to replace the joy of being proven right with the joy of understanding truth.”

Renaissance Executive Forums has always been about your personal and professional evolution. Ray says that this evolution is the best part of his journey and more important than achieving any specific goal. He expresses the value of constantly learning how to get better and enjoying the journey with friends. Again, the value of our peer groups.

Each of us is on a journey that can lead us to evolve and get better as we learn to see challenges as “another one of those.” You can create processes to analyze and adjust by being radically open-minded and transparent enough to embrace the reality you face and deal with it.

We are here to help in that journey so contact me today about our peer groups for leaders who are ready to evolve and be their best.

Robert Hunt

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