Best Pitch Deck For Raising Capital

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As you grow your business you will most likely come to a place where you seek capital to get you to the next level. I’ve seen clients raise capital that enabled them to accomplish things they may never have been able to do and to grow faster and larger than they would have done without it.

Most business owners or CEOs are not experienced in creating a pitch deck to raise capital so I thought I’d share this infographic that gives you some great direction.

I like the suggestion that you limit the slides to 10 and a reminder that the pitch deck is to stimulate interest and does not need to cover every point.

Limiting the slides to 10 also forces you to get your message right and simplify the data you present. Don’t try to shove 30 slides into the space of 10 slides. Instead, reduce the content, fine-tune your messaging, and create excitement enough to engage the prospects into asking more questions.

If you struggle to do this well you can hire someone really creative like Tom Dennis who is a DFW Brand Expert and really great at communicating your offering in a compelling manner.

Remember that you will be in the room driving the conversation so don’t feel you need everything on the slides. That what presenter notes are for.

Lastly, send the slide deck to a trusted source and ask for their input to see how the data is received. Then practice the presentation a few times so you can be comfortable when its showtime.

Robert Hunt

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