Got Trouble? Run Towards It

Some problems and troubles cannot be avoided. No one had plans to deal with Covid-19 as part of their 2019 business plans. How we respond to trouble can determine the length of suffering and pain we endure in the process.

You may have heard how cows vs. buffalo face an oncoming storm. When a storm (trouble) is coming, cows will run away from the storm while buffalo run toward it. They both have to deal with the storm, but the buffalo face it head-on and get through it quicker, while the storm eventually catches up with the cows and prolongs their time in the bad weather.

I’ve seen this with many of the leaders I’ve met here in DFW who say they embrace change but do not act that way. They choose to live with the pain of their problems in order to avoid the pain they may face when making real change.

This also applies to our personal life where people choose to avoid the challenges of marriage, children, finances and their health, so they dive deeper into the safety of their work world. Eventually, the trouble catches up with them; maybe in a minivan, as your spouse leaves you with divorce papers in exchange.

The solution is on the other side of trouble.

Some of the best times in my life came right before a huge challenge but pressing through led me to be a better person, and to the better parts of my life. We all face challenges in life that we cannot control but how we deal with them makes all the difference in the world.

In our Renaissance Executive Forums CEO Peer Groups, we create an environment where other successful business owners and CEOs can help us see our issues from a fresh perspective and embrace the challenge. Being open and transparent about the challenges you face allows you to find solutions that can help you push through the storm and come out stronger on the other side.

If you have an issue that is in front of you today, run towards it. If you want someone to talk with about these challenges, contact me.

Robert Hunt

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