Cultivating Leadership In Your Team

How effective are you at creating a leadership team that is equipped to lead with excellence? The future is unpredictable and knowing you’ve got a solid team of talented leaders ready to take on greater leadership roles is needed if you want to thrive during these uncertain times of disruption and accelerated change. 

This is why we launched our newest Renaissance Executive Forums Peer Group for Key Executives here in DFW. This new REF Dallas group is designed to create more engaged and dedicated leaders so contact me today if you have a leader on your team that you want to invest in their leadership development.

“Leadership Development is a Long-term Process.”

Developing leaders is a long-term process and investment. Reflect on your own journey towards leadership. You developed competencies over time through your education, experiences, advice, mentorship and increased responsibility. Wouldn’t it have been great to be in a group with other leaders who are facing similar challenges and opportunities, and learn from their experiences? That is what our Key Executive Group is all about.

Effective Leadership requires holistic, integrated, values-driven skills. These can’t be taught in an afternoon or at a seminar. They are discussed, practiced and shaped during years of applying what we learn. Group learning shortens that learning curve and adds fresh ideas and support from the experiences of other leaders.

REF Dallas Key Executive Group

This new group will meet for half a day each month to learn, grow, and share with each other. Each meeting will have three main sections:

•Updates/Action Items – each member will share how they completed Action Items created during the previous meeting. This builds the mindset of Accountability in the pursuit of Excellence.
•Group Learning – I’ll present topics on Leadership and the group will share the best practices they use in that area. This focuses on Leadership Development that meets the member where they are and shows them where they can go next.
•Issue Processing – we will take challenges and opportunities that members bring to the group and share our experiences to help them find the best solution. Practicing the art of Problem Solving/Critical Thinking will bring real value to your team.

Cultivating Leadership In Your TeamGreat leaders add directly to the bottom line by reducing turnover, increasing employee engagement, and creating a dedicated team that follows them. (read the article Followers Make Great Leaders.)

We will use assessment tools and time tested resources that I have shared in our REF Dallas CEO Peer Groups over the last seven years. We will set growth goals and KPIs that show progress toward being the leader your team needs now and in the future. I will also support their leadership development with one-on-one mentoring to help them refine their efforts and get the most value out of the group.

Planning for the Future

CEOs need to invest today in future leaders of tomorrow. Planning a healthy transfer of power starts years before you want to make it happen. Cultivating the next generation of passionately dedicated leaders is crucial to the long-term stability and growth of your company.

We are excited to offer this new group to our clients and hope you will join us. Contact me today and let’s talk about the leaders on your team that deserve to be a part of this new leadership development group here in DFW.

Robert Hunt

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