The Need For Margin In Your Life

Do you have margin in your life?

Margin is a pause that is built into your everyday life. It is the space between your load and your limit. Margin is the gap between success and exhaustion, the space between breathing freely and suffocating. It’s the opposite of overload and is something you need more of.

Margin creates space to regroup, to get your mind in the right spot, to see things clearly. Margin creates balance and deeper engagement in the rest of your life. It’s not doing anything, it’s a dedicated time to refresh and be ready for the next battle.

Members of our Renaissance Executive Forums CEO Groups in DFW make time each month for margin. They come together in a private meeting to establish a habit of resetting the clock, clearing their minds, and getting real focus.

When I meet business owners and CEOs who tell me they do not have time to join one of our CEO Groups, I remind them they have the time to do whatever matters most to them. They just need to focus on their priorities and create margin in their lives so they can enjoy the journey towards being the best version of themselves. This applies to you too.

What are you doing to create margin in your life? I can help you with this. Contact me today to learn more.

Robert Hunt

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