You’re Going The Wrong Way

Warning. Do not read this article if you don’t want to know what makes me who I am.

If you had a friend who wanted to go from DFW to New York, and he got in his car and started heading west, how long would you let him drive before you let him know he was going the wrong way?

In our business world, we have the opportunity to look out for our employees, our client’s suppliers and anyone else we spend time with. You have the opportunity to help others by being true to who you are. We have no problem telling someone which bank to use, what herbal supplement to take, or what leadership philosophy to adopt, so why not tell them about other things that you are applying in your own life. Especially something you believe has the power to change their life for eternity!

If you know me well, you know I don’t spend time telling people how to live their lives, but I do live mine following Jesus Christ. This is the only way to GOD. You may not like that statement but if I let you chase another way, I’m not doing you any favors. It is how I live my life and gladly tell others so they too can experience all the joy and hope that I have.

I certainly make my own share of mistakes but when I detour off the road from following Jesus (when I sin), my friends like Kurtis Gare, Art Goodwin and Dave Sykes are there to help me see it, and get back on the road. Why do they do that? Because I invited them into my life to help me stay on the road.

The word sin tends to make people feel uncomfortable but it simply means you missed the mark of what was intended – it means you’re going the wrong way. No one who says they follow Jesus Christ should live a life of sin. Yes, I sin, and when I do I admit that to GOD and to anyone I may have offended, and then I go the other way. Get back on the road in the right direction.

If you want to end up at the right destination at the end of your life;

1. Get on the right road
2. Stay on the road as you follow the way GOD has intended for you.
3. Surround yourself with people who are willing to speak the truth to you and let you know when you are going the wrong way.
4. Commit to doing everything you need to stay on that road.

This short article by Henry Blackaby inspired me to write this article and I hope you will read it and see where you are today.

If you need help to get on the right road or get back on the right road, let’s meet today.

Robert Hunt

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