My Most Trusted Advisors

I lead a group of service providers in a monthly meeting we call the Trusted Advisors Group. I started this group so I would have a list of experts I could recommend to my Renaissance Executive Forums CEO Group members. These are amazing leaders with a proven track record of excellence and have a desire to serve others. I trust them because I know them personally and meet with them every month in our peer advisory group.

My clients brag about the amazing work they provide their companies. I can tell you stories of how they have impacted the success of companies here in DFW, and how business owners and CEOs tell me they are thankful I connected them together.

You may know some of them but I suggest you meet with them to understand how they can support your business too. I’ve listed them below in alphabetical order so you can click their name to visit their LinkedIn page and learn more.






















































I trust these leaders and you can trust them too. I have worked with them and seen the way they take care of my clients, so I know you will be taken care of too. They are some of the best at what they do and I encourage you to meet them today.

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