You’re Doing Too Much

This is a load of laundry I found in the dryer this morning. It was full right up to the top and no, they were not dry, or clean. My son often dumps a giant load of his dirty clothes in the washing machine all at once despite our teaching him about smaller loads get the clothes cleaner and separating the colors keeps the colors bright longer, blah blah blah. He often tries to do too much at once thus creating the above situation.

You're Doing Too Much

I think you are also doing too much.

How can I say that? I spend a thousand hours a year with business owners and CEOs and I see how they are constantly taking on more than they can efficiently handle. This tends to come from a passion to reach new goals or guilt that they have not done enough. Either way, most are taking on way more than they should and the result is burnout, less than excellent results, and a lack of satisfaction in their personal life.

“You doing things anyone could do in exchange for things only you can do.”

This is why we need to set annual, quarterly, and monthly goals, establish processes and procedures, delegate to our teams, and use KPIs to keep us on track. Without these, we tend to step most of our time reacting to what others bring to us and rarely get around to what we really want to do.

This is the Owner Trap and too many business owners stay stuck in this and become the busiest employee of the company. Getting clarity of what matters most and what you want to do in chasing your vision is part of what I do when I provide Executive Coaching for my clients here in DFW.

I do not tell these CEOs and business owners what to do, I ask them what they want to do, then I help them make plans to get it done. The first step is often the hardest so we meet to get clarity and then prioritize what needs to get done to reach our goals. Seems simple but often these leaders are so overloaded that they need room to think and make healthy decisions.

Try it out. Let’s meet next week and talk about your priorities and goals and see how I can help you get things done.

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