Great leaders know they must first invest in themselves in order to invest in their teams. You spend so much time planning, leading, and giving to others, who is pouring back into you? It’s a huge burden to be the final decision maker of your company but you do not have to do it alone. Our CEO Peer Advisory Groups are here to help you reach your goals, both personally and professionally.

  • Do you have a safe place to bounce ideas off other leaders like yourself and find fresh ideas and best-practices to help you reach your goals? Read about Peer Groups.
  • Who works privately with you to remove the obstacle that keep you from being your best? Read about Executive Coaching.
  • Who can you trust to support your efforts to build and unify your team around your vision and passion? Read about Leadership Development.

"Removing obstacles that keep you
from being your best."

CEO Peer Groups

These groups are made of 8 – 12 other Business Owners, CEO’s, and Presidents from non-competing companies. Our forums meet once a month for a half day here in the DFW area. In addition, there are one-on-one meetings and personal development components that occur throughout the year.

Executive Coaching

A Coach is different from a Consultant. Most consultants come in and tell you what you need to change, a coach asks you what YOU want to change. Then together we set determine a plan, set tactics, timelines and goals, and I work to help you stay on course until you achieve your goals.

Leadership Development

Your employees are your number one asset and the best chance to see your company reach its full potential. Not everyone has the time and talent to invest in developing their team to keep them unified and fully engaged. Facilitate events, retreats, and sessions with Renaissance Executive Forums.

Jeff Stone

Mindy Passmore

Ben Randolph

Executive Talk

We exist to serve the Business Community of DFW through monthly Peer Advisory Groups, Executive Coaching, and Leadership Development for their teams.



What is a Peer Group Like?

Robert Hunt

It’s tough to effectively communicate the true value of being in our Peer Advisory Group.



Peer to Peer Advisory Groups

Robert Hunt

Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas creates unique Peer Advisory Groups for Top Executives who are driven to be the best leaders they can be.



Don’t Be Inappropriate

Robert Hunt

Inappropriate sexual behavior seems to be the sin of choice these days. I guess people get to a place in life where they feel they are above the law.



Is Your Company Built To Sell?

Robert Hunt

John Warrillow wrote a book titled Built to Sell that is designed to help you see how to add true value to your company.

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Is Your Company Built to Sell?

Is Your Company Built to Sell? John Warrillow wrote a book titled Built to Sell that is designed to help ...
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Don’t Be Inappropriate.

Inappropriate sexual behavior seems to be the sin of choice these days. I guess people get to a place in ...
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What is a CEO Peer Group Like?

It's tough to effectively communicate the true value of being in our Peer Advisory Group. It's like trying to describe the ...
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Being Thankful Leads to Great Gain

"Thankful" means glad something has happened or not happened. One reason I love Thanksgiving so much is that it's not about ...
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Marketing Works – If You Do It Right

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Classic Delusions That Derail Behavior

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