Getting Back To Business

What do you need to get back to business?

WireAP_01167344795940ac92a544c5df1ca309_16x9_9922020 has been a real challenge for most business owners and CEOs here in Dallas and Fort Worth.  Our CEO Peer Group members have been meeting each week during the crazy days when Covid-19 forced so many to work from home, shut down operations, or pivot to meet the new demands of the market. They did amazing!

How Can We Help.

Over the last 90 days our Renaissance Executive Forum CEO Peer Group members have helped each other navigate the uncharted waters of this global pandemic. We have learned how to social distance, provide for the safety of our employees, learn how to find PPE, apply for PPP, learn how to get forgiveness for PPP, and so much more.

Through it all, we have found creative ways to do more with less. Now that things are starting to open back up again, and more businesses are getting back to work, we want to offer to help you successfully reopen, reorganize, re-focus, and rebuild your profits.

It’s time to get back to work.  How can we help?  

Let us know what your issues are and we’ll connect you to a resource, tool, or idea that can help you move past the challenges you face. It is very likely that the issue you are dealing with has already been discussed in one of peer group meetings over the last months. I’d be happy to share what we learned from each other in our group discussions and help you get back to business. #Back2BizDFW

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