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Avoid Making Bad Decisions

How can you tell if something is a bad idea? We'd like to think we can see warning signs that ...
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Is It Okay To Pray At Work?

The short answer is YES, it's okay to pray at work. We've become so worried that everything will offend others, that ...
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What A Private Equity Buyer Thinks About Your Business?

"What would a Private Equity Buyer think about my company?" Most of the business owners I meet in DFW have ...
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Preventing Fraud In Your Company

This week we had Cheryl Isbell of Isbell Financial present to our CEO Peer Groups in DFW about ways to identify and ...
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How A CEO Should Use LinkedIn

We recently had a discussion during our CEO Peer Group meeting in DFW, about how a CEO should use LinkedIn ...
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Your Business Value & Your Age

Have you ever wondered how your business compares to that of your peers? The most recent data from The Value Builder ...
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Why You Need Recurring Revenue

Volvo recently announced they will make their cars available on a subscription model where consumers will pay one fixed fee ...
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Why I Chase CEOs

This week at our annual CEO Summit in DFW, I presented 5-Year Membership Awards to three of our group members ...
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How a CEO Peer Group Helps Mindy Passmore Manage Her Two Businesses

I recently asked members of my Renaissance Executive Forums Peer Groups in DFW why they joined our peer to peer ...
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