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What Gets You Out of Bed?

My alarm went off this morning at 5 AM and I laid there debating if I would sleep a little ...
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ceo peer advisory groups

The Real Value of Performance Reviews

Our CEO Peer to Peer Advisory Group here in DFW had our monthly meeting today and our Educational Component was ...
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Epic Fail – Dealing with an Epic Fail

EVERYBODY makes mistakes. I sit with business owners every month and hear about the mistakes they’ve made. Some are quickly ...
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CEO Peer Advisory Groups

Consider Other Perspectives

Have you heard the story of the blind men and the elephant? It's a very old fable that reminds us ...
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Delegation Requires Trust

I had this conversation yesterday with two different leaders of companies here in DFW. They both wanted to engage their ...
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Busy Is The New Stupid

I read this article by Ed Baldwin and it resonated with me because so many leaders I meet make excuses ...
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Three People Great Leaders Need In Their Life

I had the opportunity to meet and hear Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VM Ware speak at the DFW Technology Prayer ...
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Is Your Company Built to Sell?

Is Your Company Built to Sell? John Warrillow wrote a book titled Built to Sell that is designed to help ...
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Don’t Be Inappropriate.

Inappropriate sexual behavior seems to be the sin of choice these days. I guess people get to a place in ...
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