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Ethics At Work – The Greater Dallas Business Ethics Awards

Do you have an Ethical Company? You may be an ethical person but that does not necessarily mean you have ...
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Everybody needs Prayer

Not everyone believes in GOD, goes to church, or even prays. However, I’ve never met anyone who has refused my ...
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Are You Investing in Your Team?

Does your company have a formal Training and Leadership Development Plan? Or maybe even a casual one? We all want ...
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That’s the Way We Always Did It

Not sure if any other family in the world did this, but I grew up thinking that if you cut ...
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Make Time To Be Real

I had lunch yesterday with a parking attendant. It was a great visit, and it reminded me that each of ...
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Mentors – The Key to Your Success

There's a strong need to develop the next generation of leaders but very few companies are intentional in providing real-life ...
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What Is Your Perfect Day?

During our recent CEO Peer Group meetings here in DFW, I asked my group members to think about their "Perfect ...
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Ego vs EQ

Last month in our CEO Peer Group in DFW, I presented the concepts I learned from reading Jen Shirkani excellent book ...
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Helping A Friend In Transition

aka "Burgers & Beer Night." Do you have a close friend who is in a time of job transition? Instead of ...
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