REF Dallas creates unique Peer to Peer Advisory Groups for Business Owners and CEO’s who are driven to be the best leaders they can be.  We bring the final decision maker of companies here in DFW together for a private meeting each month to work on reaching our personal and professional goals.

These leaders see the value in surrounding themselves with other successful leaders who are dealing with the same types of issues and opportunities as you are. We share our experiences and resources that help us save time and money, and find new ideas and solutions for our challenges.

A membership in our Peer Groups gives each participant access to the information and tools needed to stay current and focused in today’s competitive business environment. Great leaders are always learning and looking for ways to get more done in less time. Learning from others who have gone through what you are facing today not only helps you resolve issues quickly, it also gives you the encouragement and support we all need when things start to weigh us down.

“In order to do something you have never done before,

you need to do something you have never done before.”

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Our groups are made of successful leaders just like you who want to Learn, Grow and Share together.  There is a fee to be involved in our forums, but the biggest investment is a regular commitment of your time.  We carefully screen candidates to make sure there is a fit with each group, to match the needs of the member with the experience level of the group. As a result, REF Dallas members say that being a part of our executive leadership groups has enabled them to:

  • Make better informed decisions
  • Gain new perspectives on growth
  • Stimulate change in their business
  • Hold themselves and their company accountable
  • Reduce the isolation of being the final decision maker

Each group is made of 8 – 12 other Business Owners, CEO’s, and the primary decision maker from non-competing companies. Our forums meet once a month here in the DFW area. In addition, there are one-on-one coaching and personal development sessions designed to help you get the most value out of our groups.

Our private monthly meetings provide a catalyst for change, relevant and challenging insights, support and direction, motivation and accountability. They are a radical departure from networking or other industry groups because we are dedicated to personally investing in you as a leader and helping you get tangible results in your professional and personal life. We also keep it fun because winning is always fun! Find out why CEO’s and business owners in DFW join and stay in our Peer to Peer Advisory Groups on our Testimonials page.

If you want to see how this can bring real value to you as the leader of your company, fill out the contact form below and let’s meet to talk about your vision and plans to lead your company with excellence.


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