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How Do I Find a Good CPA for my Business?

When it comes to making sure your business is financially secure, you need a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Your CPA should be your business’ financial guardian, but how do you find a good CPA that is an ideal fit for your company?


Evaluate Your Accounting Needs

Every business’ financial needs will be a little different. So your first step should be to figure out what you will need from your CPA. An experienced CPA should be able to help you with everything from planning, running and growing your business from a Financail perspective. 

The level of engagement and support will change as you grow but a good CPA can help you make decisions early in the history of your company that pay off for years to come. Wether you outsource it all or just some aspects of your accounting needs, a good CPA you can trust is worth more than you will ever pay them.

Make sure to establish up front things like how often you will meet face to face, who will be doing the actual work, what platform they use to track and share information with you, and what services are provided under the retainer.

Your CPA can help you position your company to take advantage of the current tax codes and avoid fees. Keep your CPA aware of your plans and they can help you take steps to add to the bottom line.

Most of us don’t speak CPA but we do understand the key aspects of our business. Find a CPA who can communicate the key financial aspects of your business in a way that helps you make the best decisions. Have candid discussions about issues that may lead to a disagreement about what may be legal, but does not align with your values and principles.


Get Referrals

Getting multiple referrals from other business owners and CEO’s you trust is the best way to choose a CPA that will be right for you. Talk with them about your plans for your company, let them know of your past financial issues, and your perspective on risk. You should also consult with your board of advisors to see who they have worked with. 

The members of our CEO Peer Groups in DFW have shared resources like this many times so if you need a good referral for a CPA in the DFW area let me know. Or better yet, come meet our group members and ask them for yourself!

If your current CPA is not holding up to your standards you need to act quickly to find one you can trust to get the job done right. All it takes is one good referral to find the right CPA for you. Denis Burns of The Burns Firm is a CPA and a member of our Trusted Advisor Group. He has an experienced team here in Dallas that does work for many of my clients and knows business accounting needs and tax law, with a special focus on M&A tax planning.  

Need referrals today? Ask your board. If you don’t have one, join ours. Renaissance Executive Forums is a peer to peer advisory board that brings business owners and CEO’s together to share resources and fresh ideas to reach our goals. Fill out the form on the right and lets talk about the value our groups can bring you as you lead your company to success.

Robert Hunt

Business Owner, Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas

Robert Hunt


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