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How Do I Hire Great People?

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Finding great employee is essential to the success of your business. Bad hires are time-consuming, expensive and cause morale to lower around the entire office. It is essential to view your new employee as an investment that will pay off in the future, but how do you find the right employee?


Define The Job Before You Begin Interviewing

You can’t find the right employee if you don’t know what qualifications to look for when hiring. Ask your team to help write a job analysis before you even call anyone to ensure you know exactly what duties your new employee will need to complete. Looking for experience in all of the tasks at hand will save you time and money in the long run.

Consider your culture and how this person will fit in. As the business owner or CEO of your company, you set the tone for the culture you want your employees to follow. You are the best person to know if someone will fit your team based on the vision and passion you created.

Too many leaders hire employees based on their resume, but fired them later because of their attitude. We talk about the best methods for interviewing and choosing the right team members in our CEO Peer Groups and this is an issue all leaders face. Ask other business owners and CEO’s that you know where they go to find the best employees and what is their interview process. If you don’t have people you can ask, join our groups and let the group help you find what works best for you.


Get Referrals

Your current employees should be able to recommend people they feel will be a great addition to the team. Hopefully you have built and environment where your employees brag about working there, and are willing to invite others to join you. If not, that is another issue you should bring to our CEO Peer group.

After you get a referral, make sure to talk to previous bosses and anyone listed on their resume to get a full picture of the candidate’s capability and personality. I am amazed how many companies fail to do proper background checks.  Ask around, call their references, get nosey BEFORE you bring them onto the team.

Talk to your board of advisors and ask them for leaders they’ve work with that would be good recruits. Your board knows you better than most people and they know the kind of people that would thrive working for you. 


Prescreen Your Candidates

Do not start with a face-to-face interview. This is when your hiring team starts to waste time and effort in their search for new employees. Making sure a candidate is qualified is as simple as a phone call or questionnaire before an interview is set. Many of our CEO Peer Group members use online assessment even before they read a resume to see what the candidate is like. Wether you use DISC, Culture Index, or any number of assessments, this can be the first step in narrowing down good candidates before they take up your time. 

During the phone interview, make sure to ask qualifying questions about their experience, personality and compensation needs. Look to bring in people who are not just like everyone else so you get a fresh perspective that allows your business to grow.

Need more help finding the right candidate for your employment opportunity? Ask your board. If you don’t have one, join ours. Renaissance Executive Forums is a peer to peer advisory board that brings business owners and CEO’s together to share resources and fresh ideas to reach our goals. Fill out the form on the right and let’s talk about the value our groups can bring you as you lead your company to success.

Robert Hunt

Business Owner, Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas

Robert Hunt


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