References – Quotes from Members

evelynWhy would someone join our Peer to Peer Advisory Groups? Just ask my group members.  Here is what some of them have to say about the value of being in our groups and the support I provide them and their teams through Business Coaching and Leadership Development sessions.

Our group members are a mix of men and women, young and old(er), from all kinds of industries and backgrounds. What they all have in a common is the desire to reach their goals and the willingness to learn from the experiences of other successful leaders.

They are Business Owners, Presidents, CEO’s, or the primary decision maker of their company headquartered here in DFW. They have had years of success and spend most of their time leading their employees to the next level. My group members are working ON the business rather than IN the business.

I have found that most leaders share the same challenges of Time, Money, Technology and People. So whether your company is just a few years old or if you have already qualified for the Billionaires club, you will be focused on the same types of issues as the others in the room. The benefit of being in a monthly meeting with other successful leaders who you know and trust, is that you can be free to speak openly and candidly about your challenges and opportunities, and find solutions each month.

I’ve posted some of their testimonies below to let you see the value they have received from being a part of our Peer to Peer Advisory Boards. Ask them for more information about our group or contact me at to find a seat at the table.