The New Normal. Really?!
The New Normal. Really?!

I keep hearing people saying things about how horrible this…

Work/Life Integration – the new balance

I often speak to groups about having a Work/Life Balance…

meek, meekness, purpose, conviction, ceo group, cheryl bachelder
Meek Is Not Weak

During the 2018 DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast at the Irving…

pray at work, ceo group
Is It Okay To Pray At Work?

The short answer is YES, it’s okay to pray at work….

Epic Fail – Dealing with an Epic Fail

EVERYBODY makes mistakes. I sit with business owners every month…

What is a CEO Peer Group Like?

We have a private meeting once a month with other successful business owners and CEOs so we can Learn, Grow and Share

Leadership Is Like Needlepoint

Needle point looks confusing and messed up when you view it from the underside. That how our employees see things most of the time. Your job is to let them see the view from the top.

How Much Pain Will You Endure Before You Try Something New?

Ever tried Acupuncture? I used to make fun of it…

CEO Peer Groups – an Interview with Robert Hunt

I recently had the opportunity to be on the Critical Mass…

You Are A Great Leader

Martin Luther King Jr. was a great leader. He found…

It’s lonely at the Top – but it shouldn’t be.
REF Dallas
November 30, 2013

As the Owner, CEO, or President of a company, you…

What is Your Definition of Success

How do you define SUCCESS? Would those around you say you…

Will you be HAPPY with your results in three years?
REF Dallas
February 16, 2013

Have you heard about the book entitled The Dan Sullivan…

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