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How do I find a good lawyer for my business?

How do I find a good lawyer for my business?

Don’t wait until you’re facing an issue to hire a lawyer – that’s too late. You need time to get acquainted with your business lawyer before any actions can be made on your behalf. You want a lawyer that knows your business well enough to keep you away from danger and respond to issues in a way that follows the culture and vision for your company. So how do you find the right lawyer?


Get Multiple Referrals

Referrals from reputable sources are how you know you are hiring the right lawyer. The best referral comes from other business owners and CEOs who have used their services and are VERY pleased with the results. Ask other business owners and CEO’s that you trust and see who has the best reputation.

The members of our CEO Peer Groups in DFW have shared resources like this many times so if you need a good referral for a Business Lawyer in the DFW area let me know. Or better yet, come meet our group members and ask them for yourself!


Focus On Lawyers Who Specialize in Your Field

Finding the right lawyer means foreseeing what kind of problems you will run into eventually. If you are in the creative industry, hire an intellectual property lawyer, for example. If you have long-term contract you will need a lawyer who can help you create contracts that protect your interests.

Finding a lawyer who is connected to attorneys who specialize in other fields is essential to covering all of your bases. Matt Bracy of Scheef & Stone, LLP is a part of our Trusted Advisor Group and his firm has a lawyer for any issue you can possibly face.


Choose Firm Size Wisely

If you run a small business or a startup you should consider a business lawyer with experience in employment contracts, ownership issues, and basic client contracts. As you grow your needs will change so stay close to your lawyer so they can help you anticipate the next issue. YES, it costs money to meet with your lawyer, but it costs much less than a lawsuit, or a voided contract. 

Need referrals today? Ask your board. If you don’t have one, join ours.

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Robert Hunt

Business Owner, Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas

Robert Hunt


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