“I’m a strong believer in working with other great leaders who share their experiences. Roberts group offers a high energy peer group experience. I would highly recommend Business Owners and CEOs to get in touch With Robert, he is a dynamo!

“I always have valuable takeaways from my time spent with other successful leaders in our group over these last three years.”

Steven Bolos, Founder of Katerra.

“I enjoyed meeting other CEOs who helped me find creative ways to inspire my team to be their best.”

“The investment has paid massive dividends, both personally and
professionally through the experiences that we shared as a group.”

“Our group helps me achieve my ‘Working-On-the-Business’ goals instead Of ‘Working-ln-the-Business’ goals.”

“I make better decisions because I am surrounded by experienced and high-functioning business leaders who care about the success of me and my business.”

Brett Bingham, President of BFC Partners

“Our meetings broaden my perspective & provide accountability to ‘the plan’. Definitely a highlight of each month!”

“My Leadership Team meetings have been 10x more effective because of what I learn in our monthly meetings.”

Daniel Roby, Executive Director of Austin Street Center.

“Our group holds me accountable to reach my goals.”

“Our Coaching Sessions bring me amazing CLARITY of my goals!”

“Robert is a great Mentor and Business Coach, and a great asset to our Leadership Team.”

“I have gained significant insight from our meetings and the wonderful leaders in our groups. Robert is a great, generous, and interesting guy.”

Matt Bracy, Partner at Scheef & Stone.

“I like to test out ideas with our group before I hurl them at an unsuspecting world”

Michael Aars, President of Tidal Wave.

“To those of you that are struggling with business or time management, and you realize there must be more to working so hard, let me introduce you to Robert Hunt. I have been working with Robert now for a year. His compassion to help me improve as a person has opened my eyes to the work-life balance that I desperately need. If you feel the daily stresses of being everything to everyone, let Robert join you and your team to help you realize the power of asserting your trust and faith in others. If you are willing to be vulnerable and accountable, I have no doubt that Robert can help you realize ways you can change your life for the better.”

“REF is essentially a board of directors comprised of other Business Owners and CEOs that can rely on for insight and experience as I strive to grow my company.”

Nate Nelson, Co-Founder & Partner of Frontera Strategies.

“Roberts group is valuable, his personal coaching and advising skills are awesome – and he has become a good friend.”

Tim Taylor, President and CEO of FreeFlight Systems.


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