Successful CEOs Make Time To Think.

Are you a busy CEO? Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are pretty busy guys too. Watch this video as they explain how they reserve time to think as part of their weekly plans.

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are very driven and successful leaders. Even after their amazing success, they still see so much they want to accomplish. Yet they have learned not to fill every minute that leads them to become overloaded.

Bill Gates was inspired by the amount of time Warren Buffet left open on his calendar. This allowed them to focus on the most valuable things that came their way. You too need to build a team that you can trust to tackle the day-to-day work so you can be creative and find new opportunities for the future.

Bill Gates reminds us that WE control our time. Too many CEOs and business owners allow others to dictate their activities and end up running behind in the most important areas. Warren Buffet reminds us that although he can buy whatever he wants, he cannot buy more time. Neither can you.

“I’m no Warren Buffet or Bill Gates.”


I know you are saying to yourself, that if you were as successful and rich as Warren Buffet or Bill Gates you would have more time to slow down. Maybe.

People who do not build healthy habits when their business is small, rarely develop them when they make it big.

You have the same 24 hours a day as Warren Buffet and Bill Gates do, and it’s up to you to invest it wisely.

Start by seeing a clear vision of the life you really want, then allocate your time in the pursuit of that vision. Ask me for a copy of our “Satisfaction Assessment” and establish where you need to make changes. Then be intentional this year to invest time where it matters to you most.

This is one of the reasons our CEO Peer Group members in DFW meet each month. This gives us time to step back, refocus our mind and energy, and stay moving in the right direction. If you are not part of a peer to peer advisory group like Renaissance Executive Forums, join me at my next CEO Learning Session in Dallas and see what it’s like.

Robert Hunt

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