Nominate Your CEO

Do you love your CEO or business owner? I mean really love them? Then nominate them to be a candidate for membership in our CEO Groups of DFW. Show them you care about them and invite them to be a part of our Peer to Peer Advisory Groups.

Renaissance Executive Forums is looking for the best of the best CEOs, Presidents, Founders, General Managers and business owners of DFW to join the ranks of our groups. We’re looking for men and women in DFW who are the primary decision-maker and are:

•   Humble and Thankful.
•   Pursuing Excellence in their personal and professional life.
•   Honest, Transparent and Real.
Open to learning from others.
•   Fun, Caring, and Respectful.
Like 80’s music (this one’s optional).

Does this sound like your CEO? Nominate them to be a candidate for membership in one of our CEO Peer Groups and they will thank you forever! Seriously, they will.

Our Group Members Are In It For The Long Term

Members in Renaissance Executive Forums stay involved an average of five years, and our first member joined in 2013 and is still a member today. We must be doing something right!

Click this photo to read why leaders join our groups.

Your CEO Will Thank You

CEOs and business owners lead busy lives. Our group members see the value of taking time each month to step back and have room to think. Room to get the input they need to make important decisions now. Room to get refocused and refreshed, and ready to take on the world for another 30 days. Here are some other values of being in our groups:

• A safe place to be real about the challenges final decision-makers face.
• Find fresh ideas to help them reach their goals.
• Get the encouragement to do what they know they need to do.
• Learn how other successful CEOs have achieved the results they want.
• Get room to think clearly and make better decisions.

Nominate Your CEO Today

Nominate Your CEOIf you have seen greatness in a business owner or CEO, nominate them to be a candidate for membership in our CEO Peer Groups in DFW. Email me at and let me know why you think they should be considered for one of our groups.

Robert Hunt

Renaissance Executive Forums

Attend our next CEO Learning Sessions and see what our peer groups are like.

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