Who Has Your Back Like This?

Super Bowl 2019 will be full of action on the field, but this little dance taking place on the sideline caught my attention.

Los Angeles Rams Coach Sean McVay has the full support and attention of one of his assistant coaches to avoid getting a penalty while he is laser-focused on the game. Ted Rath has Sean’s back to move Sean at just the right time before the ref moves through. This sideline dance emphasizes to me the value of having others to watch your back, front and side so you can stay focused on the game of running your business.

Here are a few things I learned from this video.

Stay Focused

Sean McVay is busy watching his team and does not let anything, including the referees get in his way. You too need the ability to stay focused like this in order to reach your goals. It’s easy to let others get in your way and loose site of what matters most, but successful leaders know to keep their eye on the ball and let the team do their best. This requires you have someone who will help you see when you are in a bad spot.

Find Someone To Watch Your Back

Ted Rath was not hired to move Sean McVay out of the way when a referee runs by, but that is the role he plays during games. Ted is glad to help out because he does not want the leader of the team to get distracted or have any problems. Who on your team is able to see when danger is about to hit, and can warn you, or even move you to a safe place? This is also the role our members play for each other in our monthly CEO Peer Group meetings in DFW. We are all experienced enough to see what danger is about to hit and can warn someone to move out of the way. (Learn more at REFdallas.com)

Let Them Help

You’ll notice when Ted Rath comes over to move Coach McVay, Sean does not resist his efforts, or become irritated that he has been moved. Sean stays focused on the game, and lets Ted help him. Let your team help you too. Don’t let pride or ego keep you from letting others help you. There are lots of things we don’t see in the course of leading our company, let others on your team bring their perspective and keep you out of trouble,

This all seems like just basic common sense, but are you doing it? Are you letting your team help you, are you accepting the guidance and support of others, or are you running into problems because you can’t keep up with it all? Find someone on your team who can watch your back and let your team help so you keep your eye on the game.

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