You're Doing Too Much
You’re Doing Too Much

This is a load of laundry I found in the…

The Cost of Bad Customer Service
The Cost of Bad Customer Service
REF Dallas
March 19, 2021

Our Renaissance Executive Forums CEO Groups in DFW read the…

Traits Of Successful CEOs
Traits Of Successful CEOs

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some the best…

CEO Groups Help You See Clearly.
CEO Groups Help You See Clearly
REF Dallas
September 8, 2020

We started 2020 with a series of meetings challenging our…

The New Normal. Really?!
The New Normal. Really?!

I keep hearing people saying things about how horrible this…

Deal With Your Emotions First

As the leader of your company, you spend a lot…

How A CEO Should Use LinkedIn

We recently had a discussion during our CEO Peer Group…

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Why Join a CEO Peer Group – Save Money
REF Dallas
December 3, 2018

During a recent meeting with our CEO Peer Groups in…

What Gets You Out of Bed?

My alarm went off this morning at 5 AM and…

ceo peer advisory groups
The Real Value of Performance Reviews

Our CEO Peer to Peer Advisory Group here in DFW…

Epic Fail – Dealing with an Epic Fail

EVERYBODY makes mistakes. I sit with business owners every month…

CEO Peer Advisory Groups
Consider Other Perspectives
REF Dallas
June 13, 2018

Have you heard the story of the blind men and…

Renaissance Executive Forums, CEO Peer Groups
Effective Delegation.

What is holding you back from delegating to your team?   Most…

Fix The Problem Now
REF Dallas
October 13, 2017

Problems rarely go away on their own so you can…

Leadership Is Like Needlepoint

Needle point looks confusing and messed up when you view it from the underside. That how our employees see things most of the time. Your job is to let them see the view from the top.

How Much Pain Will You Endure Before You Try Something New?

Ever tried Acupuncture? I used to make fun of it…

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